A Marketing & Philanthropic Firm

Working with us, the possibilities are Boundless!



Boundless Consultant NGO is the philanthropic arm of our company. We work with national and international ministries and non governmental organizations.

We will come alongside you to create your branding strategies, planning and execution of community events, assisting with your mission minded destination tours as well as helping you to realize your philanthropic endeavors.

Boundless Consultant has aided many small non-profit organizations; helping with start-up processes, ministry redesign, and campaign fundraisers.

Some additional areas of expertise are assisting in mission statements and vision, marketing strategies, articles of incorporation, media tactics and website development.

We can handle the oversight of website vendors, social media accounts, and e-blasts or training in these areas to help your staff.

We can program manage fundraising events, retreats, and international tours as well as review and spearhead the changeover and onboarding of donor payment processing solutions and systems.

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