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BC Story

Boundless Consultant has over 30 years in the advertising, marketing and public relations arena having worked in many different parts of the United States, Africa, and Namibia.

We take great joy in working with individuals and companies alike; to create and implement marketing strategies and plans that work:

  • Aligning company direction with Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) or Political, Economic, Social and Technological (PEST) analysis
  • Establishing vision and direction
  • Branding message(s)
  • Marketing strategies
  • Detailing marketing plans
  • Maximizing budget allocations – frugal negotiations and added value
  • Showcasing industry accomplishments, white papers and employee achievements
  • Creating tri-angle partnerships to strengthen and extent your message(s)

Software Onboarding and Change-overs

Is your team fearful of change when discussing software onboarding or change-overs?

We have spearheaded teams with advertising agencies and non-profit organizations; evaluating, facilitating, assisting, and training them for best practices.

Often new systems and protocols have an element of fear, but with a critical-path matrix and guidance along the way the fear of the unknown, fear of change, and fear of new technology can be removed and replaced with confidence and experience. These tools will then be seen as an enhancement of professionalism as vendors, donors and stakeholders approach your company.

Media Planning and Buying

We have extensive experience in traditional media planning and buying for large markets and regions:

  • Television (with digital)
  • Radio (with digital)
  • Out of home (with traditional and digital)
  • Sports packages
  • Print (with digital)
  • Direct mail
  • Event packages


BC’s marketing passion is to utilize our expertise, talents, and drive to help companies create order out of chaos so that they can succeed in serving their employees, stakeholders, and communities.

Connect with us today to discuss how we can help your company expand and flourish in a cut-throat world.

Industry Experience:

addiction recovery, attorney, automotive, banking, economic development, education, footwear, heavy civil design/build construction, hand crafted furniture, hospital, hotel, healthcare insurance, senior olympics, non-governmental organizations, restaurants and quick service restaurants.

Here is a partial list of the clients we have had the pleasure of working alongside: